amped – adjective \ˈampt\

Definition of amped
informal: filled with energetic excitement and enthusiasm :  amped-up

Next level ancestral nutrition…

(More than just) Cooking classes

Athletes. Entrepreneurs. Stay-at-home-mamas. All share a common trait. They are looking for an *edge* when it comes to energy, focus and stamina.

Want to learn exactly how and why to bring ancestral food wisdom into your life and on to your plate? Check out our 2017 class lineup…




    “Adrienne does a stellar job of connecting the wisdom of traditional health food techniques with the day-to-day realities of modern family life. She is often praised for her depth of knowledge and hands-on approach, which reflect her personal commitment to the techniques shared in class. I highly recommend her courses for an in-depth learning experience.”


    ~ Dave Hanson, Founder, Sage Garden Herbs


    “Reading about ‘what’ and ‘how’ to do things has worked for me (for some things), but for other things seemed intimidating… This class was the perfect solution – I could hear it, read it and DO IT! Adrienne’s classes have solidified my knowledge and skills. I’ve gone back into my own kitchen and incorporated them with ease!”

    ~ Danielle Nykoluk


    “Adrienne has found a way to bring traditional wisdom into my busy and hectic lifestyle. This class was fun, educational and showed me just how easy it is to implement these new skills into my own kitchen. It has also helped me find affordable ways to take care of my family. Our health has improved from introducing cultured foods into our daily diet, and I am so thankful for all of my new-found knowledge.”

    ~ Ashley Pharazyn